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It was love at first sight! In 1999 when the Ohlingers: Jeff, Lisa, and their daughter, Veronika, made their first visit to Cooke City from West Virginia, they knew it would not be their last. They immediately fell in love with the old western style town, the friendly people, and the simple way of life right outside of Yellowstone National Park, snuggled deep within the beautiful mountains.

Jeff, Veronika and Lisa

The Home of Miss Montana!

In May 2008, Jeff and Lisa traveled back to Cooke City to stay for a week where they found their dream hotel for sale. They talked to the owners, the Hahns, and said if this was next year, we would buy it in a heartbeat. Later that year in the winter, the Ohlingers further looked into owning the hotel but were afraid that it was too big of a risk at the time having such great paying jobs with excellent benefits.

In February 2009, however, the plant that they both worked at, Century Aluminum, closed its doors after 52 years, leaving the Ohlingers and about 700 others without jobs. With nothing left to lose, they decided to take the huge jump and embrace their dreams of owning the Elk Horn Lodge. They sold their new log home that they built themselves and put in a bid for the hotel. The Ohlingers packed up their home in a U-Haul and left their friends, families, and the town they had lived in their entire lives to embark on a new, exciting adventure! After three days of traveling, they pulled their two vehicles and the U-Haul into gorgeous Cooke City, their new home!

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