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Attractions near Cooke City, Montana

In Cooke City and the surrounding areas, you can enjoy a variety of activities throughout the year. 

Winter activities are especially popular in our area. Simply put, we have the best powder in Montana. And, at Elk Horn Lodge you can head out right from your front door, and enjoy an infinite number of winter sports:  Snowmobiling, backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing, you name it. If you love winter sports, Elk Horn Lodge is the place for you! Summers in the Cooke City area are just as entertaining as winters. Enjoy hiking, backpacking, scenic drives, and any number of other activities near Yellowstone National Park and the rugged Beartooth Mountains. And, of course some activities, like wildlife watching, can be enjoyed year-round.

We've divided our Attractions page into winter, summer, and year-round sections for your convenience. Check this page often as we update the information on it regularly. For more information, give us a call. We'd love to hear from you!

Winter Attractions

Winter Activities near Cooke City

While Cooke City is typically associated with snowmobiling, it's also a great place to try other winter activities. Check out this article for more information on winter activities you can enjoy when you visit Cooke City.

Snowmobile Trails near Cooke City

Cooke City, Montana is considered one of the best areas for snowmobiling in the United States. With a snowmobile season that can last from November until June and over 200 inches of snow a year it's easy to see why. To find out more, check out our article on the best snowmobile trails near Cooke City.

Cooke City Snowmobile Resources

Need information on snowmobiling in the Cooke City area? Take a look at our Cooke City Snowmobile Resources for trail maps, snowmobile rentals, avalanche information, and much more.

Wolf Watching near Lamar Valley

Lamar Valley, in Yellowstone's Northern Range, is one of the premier locations for viewing wolves in their natural habitat. Take a look at our article on wolf watching in Lamar Valley for more information.
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Summer Attractions

Summer Activities in Cooke City

There are a variety of fun outdoor activities to do in the summer in and around Cooke City, Montana. Fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and more.

Fishing near Cooke City

Around Cooke City, you'll find plenty of excellent locations to enjoy fishing, especially trout fishing in nearby rivers and streams. For details, check out our article on fishing around the Cooke City area.

Cooke City Fishing Resources

Looking for information related to fishing rules, regulations, and licenses in the Cooke City area? Check out this article. We have information related to Montana, Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park fishing.

Challenging Hikes near Cooke City

Looking to do some hiking in the Cooke City area? Take a look at our choices for some of the most challenging, and interesting, hikes near Cooke City.

Hiking in the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness

The Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness has a number of excellent trails appropriate for a wide variety of skill levels. In fact the wilderness area has over 700 miles of trails perfect for hiking and backpacking. Note that this is a wilderness area. Don't count on cell phone service. It would be a good idea to carry a map and know how to use it. Give us a call if you need information on hiking in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.
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Year-Round Attractions

Wildlife Viewing near Cooke City: General Information

One of the most popular activities near Cooke City is wildlife watching, especially in the spring and fall.

Wildlife Viewing in Lamar Valley: An Insider's Guide

Lamar Valley is referred to as "America's Serengeti," and for good reason. Made up of open plains and woodlands along the Lamar River, the valley is filled with herds of animals and predators. Check out our article for details on viewing this abundance of wildlife in the scenic Lamar Valley.
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