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Endless opportunities exist to fish in and around Cooke City. From the Elk Horn Lodge you can:

Many visitors plan their trip to Elk Horn Lodge based on seasonal insect hatches on Soda Butte Creek and the Lamar and Yellowstone rivers.

When fishing in the Cooke City area, one of the most difficult questions is, "What direction do I go?" Depending on which direction, a Montana, Wyoming or Yellowstone National Park license will be needed.

Most anglers come for the fly fishing on the Lamar River or Slough Creek, but numerous alpine lakes offer fishing for cutthroat and brookies without the crowds on the Montana and Wyoming sides. Whether you want to drive, hike or ATV to your fishing hole, the fishing opportunities are endless.

Fisherman's Prayer

In memory of Bill Carr

God grant that I may live to fish
For another shining day,
But when my final cast is made
I then most humbly pray,
When nestled in your landing net
As I lay peacefully asleep,
You'll smile at me and judge
That I'm good enough to keep.

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The Elk Horn Lodge is proud to partner with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in the campaign to protect your waters and stop aquatic hitchhikers

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